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Founder of Careerfluencer - Cynthia Heisch, MBA

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The Program Overview

Get access to an immersive, results-driven training experience focused solely on landing fulltime job offers as a Modern Professional in today's market. 

The Program is specifically designed to fit your unique path with a proven hiring process, and includes tons of effective tools to help you navigate career transitions with ease. We've got you covered with the inner + outer work it takes to keep moving forward - avoid overwhelm or any obstacles holding you back.

To be clear... It's not just more information, but actual implementation - so you can create results that will change the course of your career. You're only one offer away!

🌟 BONUSES - Tons Of Insider Hiring Tips, Printables, Team Careerfluencer Talk Box 24/7, Growth Exercises, and more added weekly.🌟 

Module Topics

Ideal Candidate Energy: 

Who lands offers in the end? The ideal candidate. And this module is where you will define it, apply it, and become it from this point forward.

  • How to transform into becoming the ideal candidate, inside and out.
  • How to stand out from the competition while boosting self-confidence.
  • How to build genuine trust, transparency, and be seen as a valuable asset on any team.

Smart Search Strategy:

By creating your smart search strategy, you now have a crystal-clear path that avoids wasting any time or effort “looking for opportunities” in all the wrong places.

  • How to find job opportunities faster - that actually are a fit for the path you're pursuing.

  • How to connect and network with key contacts so you can land more interviews and "skip the line."

  • The proven 3 Step Hiring Process to land more offers as a Modern Professional.

  • How to save time and move onto the next stage.

One Page Resumes:

Your resume is your highlight reel, as well as your “ticket” to the interview stage. Based on your SSS, this module unlocks your true resume transformation. 

  • The different formats you need to have on hand based on your Smart Search Strategy.

  • How to efficiently optimize your resume keywords for applying online with ATS postings.

  • How to write your resume as a “highlight reel” that "speaks" to hiring managers.

  • How to edit and make adjustments as needed in order to land more interviews.

Interview Answer Key:

The secret to stress-free interviews that stand out? Trusting that the answers are within you. With your Interview Answer Key in hand, you’re ready for all questions, any time. 

  • The playbook for answering interview questions.
  • How to prepare and handle questions like a pro.
  • How to communicate your clear value - without memorizing robotic responses.
  • How to ask hiring managers quality questions to end interviews on a high note.

Decision Filter:

When you’re an offer-magnet, often times there are more offers on the table than you can even consider at once. Your decision filter solves that in a snap. 

  • The key to knowing whether or not the offer on the table is a good fit, in advance.
  • How to avoid awkward situations when it comes to decisions for full-time salaried offers.
  • How to identify offers that are clearly aligned with the job opportunities you’re looking for.

Flawless First Impression:

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In this module, we got you covered online, offline, and everywhere it matters most. 

  • How to make an amazing first impression every time throughout the hiring process.
  • How to set up and refine your personal brand profile on LinkedIn as a Modern Professional.
  • How to add the extra touch to your emails, phone calls, and all communication touch points.
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Live Community Support

Get unlimited help on tap from our team to fill in any gaps/questions for you (and celebrate wins too!)

Experience Your Own Career Transformation.

The Program is not “just” about getting a new job - this truly about building a futureproof career for your unique path. Taking a different approach so you can get different results. Mastering the skill of landing offers, one after another, without the overwhelm. Doing the inner & outer work it takes to overcome any obstacles, learn by doing, develop inner confidence, and accelerate growth. And best of all? Discovering who you'll become along the way. It's the best investment that you can make in your career, one that'll *literally* pay off for years to come. Make your future-self feel so proud! 

It's risk free. 100% guaranteed.

Land an offer, or we give your money-back. For more details, click here.

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